Ep 83. The Music of Midnight Poppies

Members of the Midnight Poppies (Left to Right): Adrian Moses, Rajni Shivaram, and Sangeeta Hosea
Members of the Midnight Poppies (Left to Right): Adrian Moses, Rajni Shivaram, and Sangeeta Hosea

Show Notes

Hi everyone and welcome to episode No. 83 for this Tuesday, May 18th, 2021.

Today, I’m airlifting you to the far-off shores of another continent – all the way to Bangalore, India to hear the coming together of a group of three talented and tenacious musicians who I have come to know and adore.

Theirs is a story of a culmination of styles, personalities, and genres (blues with hints of rock and jazz) to form the making of a group called Midnight Poppies. They write, practice, and perform throughout many parts of the world all the while working some pretty demanding day jobs.

Band members include:

At the time of our conversation, the Midnight Poppies were about to release four new singles during the first wave of the pandemic. Songs included: Bottle’s empty, Bittersweet Love, Something That Wasn’t Mine, and Little things we left behind.

Now in its second wave of the pandemic, India’s hardship grows. Listeners can click here to donate to the India COVID-19 Response through the Canadian Red Cross (or the Red Cross in your location). Our thoughts are with you all!

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