Ep. 81 Ten Speed Bike and the Summer of Clare Siobhan.

Photo: From the “Safe Here” video, featuring Amber LeBlanc (left) and Amy Ward (right). Photo by Clare Siobhan. 2020.
Photo: From the “Safe Here” video, featuring Amber LeBlanc (left) and Amy Ward (right). Photo by Clare Siobhan. 2020.

‘Quarantunes,’ song contests, and backyard collaborations.

Show Notes

Welcome to episode No. 81 of the Nancy Duffy show for this Thursday, August 20, 2020!

Today’s featured guest is a budding Canadian artist who found a way to be inspired during this season of masks, sanitizers, and – ‘safe spaces’ – and her efforts won her a songwriting contest! The winning tune is called “Ten Speed Bike” and Clare Siobhan tells us the story behind her dreamlike lyrics, and it has everything to do with a young couple finding their way during the kind of space and transportation duress one can only encounter during a pandemic :)

So where does a songstress born in such a time as this go from here? Tune in!

You are Safe Here!

During this episode, we also discuss a creative cover of Craig Cardiff’s Safe Here performed and recorded by Clare along with her good friend Christina Acton – featuring Clare’s roommates Amber LeBlanc and Amy Ward in a backyard-video. Shout out to Amber, Amy, Christina, and of course Clare on a job well done! You can watch their backyard Quarantune collaboration here.

This Week’s Guest:

About Clare Siobhan

Singer/Songwriter, Clare Siobhan. Photo by Rebecca Estabrooks in Sackville, NB, 2019.
Singer/Songwriter, Clare Siobhan. Photo by Rebecca Estabrooks, Sackville, NB, 2019.

Clare Siobhan is a gifted singer/songwriter hailing from Truro, Nova Scotia, now studying psychology in Sackville, New Brunswick. She has been featured on Mount Allison University’s Conduct Becoming album since 2017 – stepping into a leadership role for its latest release, expected by the end of this summer. Clare sings and writes in accompaniment with the piano and the ukulele. 

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The Conduct Becoming Music Project

Conduct Becoming is a student-led project that has produced music since 2001 through Mount Allison University, originally founded in memory of Jason Abraham who had passed away from cancer. The project has since grown, now serving as a platform to inspire and support budding artists, while also continuing to support cancer research in Canada. If you would like to support Conduct Becoming and its worthy cause, visit the project’s Bandcamp page where you can listen to and purchase all of their past albums – again, 2020’s album set to be released before the end of the summer!

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