Ep. 74 Karen Morand: Unanswered questions and moving past playing small.

Karen Morand - not playing small. Episode No. 74 on Nancy Duffy Show
“I think I was doing that to keep myself small, to keep myself ‘playing small’ … whatever you’re gifted to do, we’re meant to share it with others” – Karen Morand.

Show Notes

Welcome to episode 74 of the Nancy Duffy Show!

This show was a bit difficult to get out – not because the actual interview wasn’t an absolute delight – but because the original recording/editing of this episode was caught in the middle of a move between two cities, eight hours apart. And so you may hear some audio irregularities here and there, but it doesn’t take away from the essence of what’s being said. Nevertheless, I am happy to share this conversation with you.

I don’t usually talk with someone for the very first time and end up with the feeling that “I’ve just met a really good friend,” but that is what happened here. As you’ll hear, this talk was so much fun for me and our conversation came so easily. And although Karen was such a great sport in answering my sometimes naive questions, we managed to stumble upon the very real feelings that artists go through as they pursue their passion – or more aptly put, their calling. It takes a great deal of courage to take to task our habits of playing small for fear of what could lie ahead. I am fortunate to have run into Karen – and I am a better person for it. My hope is that this conversation has a take-away for anyone who will listen, especially when discussing the story behind Karen’s first Christmas release, “Down Here” just before she performs it live on the show.


Down Here by Karen Morand
Down Here by Karen Morand

Down Here | You can find Down Here – the recorded version of what Karen performs live during this episode by clicking here.

About Karen Morand

Karen Morand has roots that run deep. Born in Toronto and based in Southern Ontario, the award-winning singer-songwriter does life off the beaten path, sleeves rolled up with an eye on the eternal. Armed with feisty, powerhouse vocals, she delivers a soul-stirring show: lively, alt-folk with well-worn blues and gritty gospel on the side.

Karen Morand

Karen radiates with energy in live performances both solo and accompanied by her acoustic trio, BOSCO (Aaron Verhulst and Benny Santoro). A graduate from the University of Windsor’s music therapy program, Karen enjoys making meaningful connections with her audience and inspiring hope. She is also a music educator, workshop instructor, and music director.

Since her first studio release, ‘Carry On’ in 2012, followed by ‘I Think I’ll Lose My Mind Today’ in 2014, and Junkyard Heart in 2016, Karen has maintained an intense performance schedule throughout Ontario and most recently, touring Eastern Canada. Her first solo and most recent release, “Every Flash of Light” (2018) is an EP produced by Danny Gauthier including co-writes with Nashville songwriters Steve Hindalong (the Choir), Kelly Kessler and Linda McRae (Spirit of the West). Other collaborations include her recent pairing with internationally renowned bluesman, Manitoba Hal Brolund as bluesy gospel Americana duo, “Even the Bird Was Free.”

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