Thursday, September 12th is going to be big for the future of the DNC and more

ABC sets the stage for Thursday’s main event.

As Canada prepares for the launch of its national campaign season (the writ drops today!), the US sits at a crossroads for theirs. Not only will the next Democratic Primary debate be big for the Democratic Party itself but what happens Thursday will affect the tone and trajectory of American politics going forward. Who Donald Trump will face as an opponent will determine the types of things that will be said, the issues that will be tackled, and how.

In other words — this is prep for the playoffs and who gets to play in the final game will in part determine the quality, depth, and direction of the political conversations in 2020. May America put their best person forward!


Time/Date: Thursday, Sept 12, 2019 – 8 to 11 PM Eastern

Debate Location: Texas Southern University


Carrying Network: ABC

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