Ep. 68 Getting Intentional and Un-Stuck with the ‘Job Whisperer,’ Ken Coleman

Ken Coleman, Radio Personality and Author of The Proximity Principle
Ken Coleman, Radio Personality and Author of The Proximity Principle

“For years, I’d dreamed of being a broadcaster, but I was also one of the 70 percent – stuck in a job I didn’t love” –Ken Coleman


Welcome to episode no. 68! Lend me your ears, because today we have Ken Coleman on the show whose mission is to help people find clarity about who they are, professionally – to help the somewhat 70% of people disengaged with their jobs, move into the work they were born to do! Plus! Later in the show, I’m going to tell you how you can win a copy of Ken’s latest book –  The Proximity Principle. If you’re looking for a change in your professional life but don’t know how to get there, this book is like a road map with actionable strategies and tactics to reach your dream job. It’s Life. Music. Talk – all grown up – click on the media player above to tune-in!

Show Notes

There are two primary things we look for when tuning in to call-in talk shows, entertainment, and connection. My husband listens to Coast to Coast radio. He likes to fall asleep to it – and while interesting, they’re always talking about Chupacabra, bigfoot – or aliens, which does nothing for my nightmares! One thing I will say about overnight, call-in radio, is that the calls that come in, are at the very least, highly entertaining. So one of the primary reasons I think we tune in to call-in talk shows is for the sheer entertainment factor, and for some form of vocal companionship while we’re working at something else. And then there is the kind of talk-radio that tugs on your ear because the person on the other end might sound just like you. And when listeners can write in to a show saying – “I feel the same – I’m going through the same thing! Thank you for helping me” – that’s pure gold. And that’s a day-in-the-life of this week’s guest!

Ken Coleman, is the host of the nationally syndicated, Ken Coleman Show, broadcast on AM/FM radio and Sirius XM – and he’s the author of US national bestseller, The Proximity Principle! It’s one thing to be a broadcaster and a whole other thing entirely to put that reach to good use. Ken is an on-air problem solver, exploring the very real phenomenon of people finding themselves in unsatisfying work. He makes it his job to help people find clarity in their career goals and then gives them a plan on how to get there. The real magic happens, however, when this one-on-one call-in conversation, extends to similar situations that listeners find themselves in off-air! And so this public process of eavesdropping on one person’s problems becomes a game-changer for many.

“Every one of us wants to do work that matters – that aligns with our personal values, talents, and passions” – The Proximity Principle

His book The Proximity Principle is an actionable story about mindsets, strategies, and tactics to get you to where you need to be.

Episode Breakdown:

About Ken Coleman

Ken Coleman is the bestselling author of The Proximity Principle and host of nationally syndicated, Ken Coleman Show. Pulling from his own personal struggles, missed opportunities and career successes, Coleman helps people discover what they were born to do and provides practical steps to make their dream job a reality. The Ken Coleman Show is a caller-driven career show that helps listeners who are stuck in a job they hate or searching for something more out of their career.

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