Ep. 67 The Way You Talk, Writer Startup Jitters – and Ageism. Who Says, “You’re too Young… You’re too old”

Episode 67, The Nancy Duffy Show, The Way You Talk; Startup Jitters + Ageism: Who Says, “You’re too Young, You’re too old”

Show Notes:

Welcome to episode no. 67 of the Nancy Duffy Show!

This week’s episode will take you on a journey from start-up to no need to slow down! Did you launch that big idea you have been talking about for ages? Are you currently working on a side hustle and you’re not really knowing how to get attention after that first press release goes out? As creators of a product or service, one of the most difficult things we endure is when we put something out there only to hear crickets! In this week’s episode, I talk about how we can get past the crickets and move forward with momentum.

Plus – today I reveal a very special guest who will be appearing on next week’s show – and since this episode is being aired on National Book Lover’s Day, we thought we’d give away a few! Details forthcoming!

And during the last segment of the show, we ask the question, “Is ageism really the last acceptable prejudice?” What does age have to do with your success or lack of opportunity in the workplace? And who’s the boss of age anyway? I’ve curated a few voices on the topic… Discuss!

It’s Life. Music. Talk – all grown up; Let’s get started!

Episode Breakdown:

  • @ 03:45Saying the right thing under pressure
  • @ 07:50 – Next week’s special guest announcement
    Plus!  The Proximity Principle Book Giveaway!
  • @ 10:20 – You’ve sent out your product/service press release. Now what?
    Start-Up Jitters and what to do after sending out your first press release!
  • @ 16:20Is Ageism really the last acceptable prejudice in America?
Click Image for full Contest details
Click Image for full Contest details :)

Music from the amazing, Lauren Daigle!

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