Ep. 59 Trump’s ‘Pledge to American Workers’ – and How We Talk About American Politics and Policy with Gloria Neal

Ep. 59 The Nancy Duffy Show. How we talk about politics and policy
This week, Gloria Neal joins us to talk about ‘the way people talk’ in U.S. politics today. Join us as we use Trump’s new executive order aimed to keep America at work as a starting point and example for our discussion.

Show Notes

Earlier this month, Twitter announced it would be removing fake Twitter accounts. Even so, it’s doubtful the tone of online political discourse will change any time soon. Accounts will remain strongly rooted along party lines – with perhaps a bit less vitriol – thanks to the new Twitter regulations. But there’s still all the disrespectful contempt that anonymity can bring. Nevertheless, Twitter appears to be the new barometer of the political pulse of the people… What’s happening on Twitter is what’s happening at the water cooler, in the media – and even at the grocery store!

Joining us to talk about ‘the way people talk’ in U.S. politics today is American journalist, Gloria Neal. – And later in the show, we’ll put our talk to the test as we discuss Trump’s new executive order aimed to keep America at work.

21:31 into the Show

David Frum is the Senior Editor of The Atlantic and author of “Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic” (published earlier this year). His dislike for Trump is no secret – apparent not just in what he reports, but in his public appearances as well – including as a guest with Bill Mahar.

On July 19th, 2018, President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order establishing a National Council for the American Worker. The Whitehouse event ringing in the new order was criticized in the media – resulting in lively Twitter feedback.

During this event, large organizations were making pledges to improve and increase training for the American worker over the next five years. The premise of the council is to “prepare Americans for the 21st-century economy and the emerging industries of the future.”

In the early hours of July 20th, Fox Business Network posted a clip of this event (on Twitter, below) – which was edited to show President Trump receiving oral pledges from company representatives that were present at the event – including those from FedEx, Home Depot, and IBM. In response, David Frum posted this:

Online reactions to the companies making the pledge to increase apprenticeships and training for Americans were as such:

Join Gloria and I as we discuss the policy and outcome on the show!

This Week’s Special Guest, Gloria Neal:

Gloria Neal, Journalist/Reporter
Gloria Neal, Journalist/Reporter

Gloria Neal is an award-winning journalist with over 30 years of media experience ranging from television news anchor and reporter to radio talk show host, producer, and columnist.

She is also the President & CEO of Glo Knows Unlimited, LLC — a media management company specializing in image consulting, media training, and crisis communications.

Gloria is actively involved in philanthropic and community projects between Denver and Atlanta. Having previously served as a board member for the Denver Metro Leadership Foundation with the Chamber of Commerce, Gloria now serves on the board for the American Red Cross – Mile High Chapter. She is also the past President of the Colorado Association of Black Journalists and has been involved with the Greater Atlanta United Way and the National Coalition of 100 Black Women of Metro Atlanta, as well as the Atlanta Business League—one of the oldest business organizations in the nation.

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