Billy Raffoul’s Debut EP – 1975

#InRetroFanFARE!  </br>Billy Raffoul’s Debut EP – 1975

This week’s spotlight for InRetroFanFARE goes to Billy Raffoul – and the reasons are six songs long. 🙂

Billy Raffoul's Debut EP, 1975
Billy Raffoul’s Debut EP, 1975

All artists have to find their own niche in what can sometimes seem as an over-saturated market. But music is one of those things where more can always be made. The industry is unique in that it’s art and business combined – where trends and long-stays are determined like many other things, by the market (fans) that can either embrace or reject generational talent (John Lennon and Julian Lennon for instance). Fame becomes a toss-up – are you different enough to make it, but yet exposed enough to the industry to know how? Of those artists/musicians we’ve interviewed in the past, those who grew up with music – formally or otherwise, appear more likely to be making it in the industry themselves – or at least less afraid to try.

Billy Raffoul – a young artist whose sound I got to know through his talented father, Jody Raffoul of Leamington, Ontario, carries forward the good familial chops, as well as the benefit or curse of having a certain amount of exposure to what the music industry holds. But his voice – and the sound choices made are completely his own. His debut EP titled 1975 (released June 22, 2018, by Interscope Records) opens with a whisper in his song, “Acoustic” – building up to “I’m Not a Saint” … ‘but I could be if I tried.’

Can’t wait to hear how this plays out on tour – and what comes next.

★★★★/★ 🙂

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