#InRetroFanFARE! AHI Debuts “In Our Time”

#InRetroFanFARE!  AHI Debuts “In Our Time”

We discovered this week’s #InRetroFanFARE, AHI, through his brand-new album “In Our Time,” released just days ago (July 13th, 2018) through 22nd Sentry (Canada) and Thirty Tigers. And it’s definitely worthy of vinyl!

AHI, In Our Time
AHI, In Our Time

Born Ahkinoah Habah Izarh in Brampton, Ontario, AHI’s focus and determination was inspired, in part, by first leaving this place. It was traveling – a backpacking trip – that would ultimately take AHI on a deeper voyage toward the appreciation of family, home, and music.

“In Our Time,” AHI says, “we’re going to do what we’re meant to do” – so long as you put in the work. The struggle to always want to do better raves from his lyrics. From Breakin’ Ground to Just Pray, AHI is pushing us toward a rising to something new; something more.

We’re so proud to witness this artist make such great strides through In Our Time – watching him grow with each project. His debut album, “We Made it Through the Wreckage,” has its own stories to tell. AHI attributes his momentum to a seemingly innate passion. “When you walk in your purpose,” he says, “the heavens bow down on your footsteps.” How more at ‘home’ could you be?

Stay tuned to hear AHI on a future show!

Vinyl Worthy ♥︎
We’ve just ordered the vinyl version for our studio! ★★★★/★ 🙂

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