When I Come Back

When I Come Back
Nancy Duffy

This past week we lost Dad 💔

Some of you might look at the shows on this site and say to yourselves, production is sporadic at best. And you would be right. For the most part, I have kept my private life, private. But I understand that in some circumstances, it is simply better to share.

I have a business I run in addition to this show and about two years ago, I made the decision to go back to University to finish my degree (Communication, Media, and Film) as well as a Masters Degree in Political Science. The decision was in part to ensure the quality of future programming, as well as to open up opportunities to teach and share what I have learned over the years through numerous radio interviews, research, as well as through the formal studies of my University program.

Only I had not expected that this would also be the period in which my father would fall ill – just before my masters program was about to begin. As a single father, dad raised us with the help and support of others from the age of around 11/12 and on.  I cannot express to you what this loss has meant to me… But I would like to share part of a post that was shared earlier with my closest friends and extended family.

Dad - Before our time
Dad – Before our time

What they say is true – you never know exactly how much time you have.

Families go through things. Sometimes they thrive, sometimes they struggle, and sometimes they forgive, and sometimes they learn. I sometimes I say too much… and sometimes too little, and sometimes I’m stubborn… BUT one thing I know for sure – Love is not a “sometime” thing. If I love you – I love you forever. That’s just the way it is.

When we were younger, I would wait for the days that dad came home from his long road trips. And if something happened – a snow storm, rumours of an accident… I actually remember hearing this song and praying that everything would be okay.

Godspeed Dad. Roll on. 



I will now be taking the remainder of 2018 off as a hiatus from the show to concentrate on my studies (as I expect my masters to be complete by the end of December); Finishing what I started and doing it well, is something that Dad would have wanted. As well, I will also be taking some time to help out during the Ontario Election this year (Ontario’s first electronic election – so this should be fun 😉 ). Regardless of the break in regular programming, I will still be featuring special posts from time to time depending on events, as well as regular monthly posts from my colleague, J.S. Porter.

So hang in there with me. Know that when I come back, I will resume this show with not only more credibility, but with greater perspective, more determination, more content and more wisdom. Sometimes, you have to break a few things to make them better.