Show No. 57: Rethinking NAFTA; From the Leveling of ‘Labour’ to the Protection of Public Goods


Nancy Duffy
Nancy Duffy

Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland says that taking it slow with NAFTA is a good thing because it allows time to consult with Canadians, and so we’d like to oblige the offer. Tune in as we speak with Trade Campaigner with the Council of Canadians, Sujata Dey, on issues ranging from labor standards to the protection of public goods and the right to water – as well as the question, ‘can Canada make it alone?’

Plus from Brian Mulroney and John Turner to Al Gore and Ross Perot, we’ll do our best to put NAFTA into its proper context so you can see just how we arrived here in the first place.

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Guest(s) for this week’s show:

Sujata Dey –   10:48 into the Show

Sujata Dey, Trade Campaigner, Council of Canadians

Sujata Dey is the lead trade Campaigner at the Council of Canadians, Canada’s leading social organization with over 100,000 members known for its work on trade agreements. Its chair, Maude Barlow, is a renowned anti-globalization activist. Ms. Barlow was pivotal in fighting Canada’s first free trade agreement with the U.S, the ballot box issue of the 1988 election.

Ms. Dey coordinated the Food Safety, Agriculture and Regulatory Cooperation in the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement report by the Council of Canadians and other groups. Dey has been active in lobbying against CETA, the EU-Canada deal, and the TPP, the Pacific deal, at the European Parliament, the Canadian Parliament, and in national parliaments all over Europe.

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