Ep. 56 Cindy Doire launches a new album – Plus, Coding without a Screen, and the words of Salman Rushdie before Charlottesville.

Ep 56, the Nancy Duffy Show, Cindy Doire, Panorama

Show Notes

This week, singer/songwriter Cindy Doire joins us with an interesting way to execute an album launch. It’s called Panorama and arrives in September (see details below).

And later in the show – how techy are you? This show is a day late because my website went down yesterday – and I’m just techy enough that I could rebuild it myself. Today we’ll discuss a new learning technique that can bring you up to speed on coding – no computer required!

What he said. On the show’s final segment, we discuss Charlottesville, Virginia – referring to a strong warning from Salman Rushdie dating back to February 2017. I’ve got a message for you.

It’s life, music, talk – all grown up – you’re listening to the Nancy Duffy Show –let’s get started!


Cindy Doire –   01:10 into the Show
Cindy Doire’s new album: Panorama

Hailing from Timmins, Ontario – Cindy Doire is a multilingual songstress and traveler who, among many accolades, has lived in Mexico, has taught English in Cuba, has recorded in Nashville – but is also known to hang out in Brussels and busk in Spain. J

To date, Cindy has put out three albums. This week’s show, however, is a procurer to the release of her 4th album titled Panorama – it’s French and hauntingly beautiful. Fans are welcome to support Cindy for the launch of Panorama at the Cameron House on September 30th, beginning at 9:00 PM.

Click here to visit Cindy Doire’s fundraising page to support the launch of her new album (and check out her leather wares!)

Aditya Batura –  icon-headphones 23:50 into the Show
Aditya Batura, CEO at Codomo – maker of Potato Pirates, the Game

Aditya is one of the creators of Potato Pirates – a game that lowers anxiety while learning code and…  somehow includes carb characters? Potato Pirates is a universal game that can be enjoyed by families, friends, educators, and geeks like me, of course. This game teaches basic programming concepts in just 1 hour, all without a computer!

Aditya and his team are launching Potato Pirates globally through Kickstarter. If you’re interested in learning code yourself or to learn more about Aditya and his team – you can find them at www.potatopirates.game.

What He Said. The words of Salman Rushdie before Charlottesville – 33:30 into the Show
Salman Rushdie
Salman Rushdie speaking at “Public Forum: A Well-Ordered Nation.”

In February 2017, Salman Rushdie made a prediction about the fragility and state of America – and its showing signs of merit. It comes down to speed and vehement disagreement among parties and communities of people.

Prime Minister Trudeau was right in pointing out that we in Canada are not immune to racism, and so it’s prudent for us to watch and learn from what’s happening in the US right now – as fallout on social media is spilling over borders.

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