Ep. 54 Should Canadian Newspapers be Bailed Out? A talk about the Newspaper Industry with Canadaland’s Jesse Brown

Ep. 54 The Nancy Duffy Show. Should Canadian newspapers be bailed out?
On this week’s show, Canadaland’s Jesse Brown joins us to discuss the Great Newspaper Bailout, the future of the CBC, and all the things that people never knew about Canada… maybe not even the Canadians. :)

Plus! What You Never Knew About Canada

Show Summary

The last great recession was a time when the Obama administration would bail out the big bankers of America; as well as its automakers. Today, nearly a decade later, we move the bailout conversation to Canada – only it’s not just about a commercial industry, but about a public good and service. In a media landscape where digital-first news organizations are strengthening their foothold, the traditional newspapers are launching a bailout appeal (titled the Shattered Mirror Report) to the Canadian government to the tune of $350 million a year.

“Now, an association [News Media Canada] representing newspapers has put a dollar figure on that assistance: $350-million per year … The group is asking for the creation of a Canadian journalism fund that would finance 35 per cent of newsroom costs, based on the number of journalists employed there – not including executive compensation, non-editorial costs such as interest payments, or journalist salaries above $85,000.” –SUSAN KRASHINSKY ROBERTSON, The Globe and Mail
Jesse Brown
Jesse Brown
Publisher and Podcaster,

On this week’s show, Canadaland’s media critic and digital news publisher, Jesse Brown (who first talked about this issue with Bob Cox, Chair of News Media Canada) joins us to talk about the bailout, where the Canadian newspaper industry got it wrong, and the future of the CBC.

And later in the show, we’ll talk about the Canada you never knew. Are we – or are we not, who you think we are?

About this week’s guest:

Jesse Brown is a Canadian journalist and media critic who made headlines himself when he broke the Jian Ghomeshi scandal along with the Toronto Star. Jesse’s a bit of a hybrid – a digital media entrepreneur who spent many years working with traditional mainstream media – including the CBC, Macleans, and Toronto Life. His podcast show and website, Canadaland, is now one of the top podcasts in Canada – click the play link to go to the show.

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