Show No. 51: The New War on Drugs –
From Legalization to Containment.

Photo caption: Manila (AsiaNews / Agencies) – Thousands of Catholics lined the streets of Manila, on Saturday, to demonstrate against the brutal war on drugs sought by President Rodrigo Duterte and his decision to reinstate the death penalty.

The Long Road to Legalizing Marijuana and the Fight against Fentanyl.

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Nancy Duffy
Nancy Duffy

In 1971, the media popularized the term ‘war on drugs’ after then-President Richard Nixon declared drug abuse as ‘public enemy number 1.’ With over fifty billion being spent on anti-drug initiatives, and with illicit drug use still on the rise, clearly, it hasn’t worked. And just as capitalists have found more clever ways to expand their profits and to compete in a global market, so too has the illegal drug industry.

This week I’m zooming in the illegal drug trade – discussing what Canada’s doing about it, beginning with just two drugs on opposite ends of the spectrum. With tactics ranging from legalization to containment. We’ll discuss the struggle with the imperfections of the legalization of marijuana, while also fighting against the distribution of fentanyl.

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For any information you might have about the distribution of illegal drugs in your neighborhood, please report it by calling your local police station or anonymously through Crime Stoppers (519) 258-8477. You could save a life  icon-heart

Also – feel free to communicate your thoughts about the issue of fentanyl or the legalization of marijuana to those delegated to work on your behalf for public safety (at the federal level of government). Links can be found below:

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