Show No. 50: Voices Calling. Hearing from within a Post-Referendum Turkey

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If you’ve read the headlines over the weekend, you may have noticed that there’s a pretty important round of elections going on in France, as Europe feels the pull of social imaginations toward the far-right and populist movements now rippling throughout its land. Economic woes – immigration policies and the plight of refugees, and threats of terrorism fuel the magnetism of emerging politicians – who are capitalizing on all that is wrong.  And as elections unfold, entangled in what some perceive to be an underperforming European Union – Citizens and their politicians cry what have you done for me lately? It’s messy.

While we await final results for the future of France, today, we travel to Istanbul – where a recent referendum in Turkey brings about a bit of a clash of civilizations, provoking further unrest in the region… What will it mean for the European Union – what would it mean to us? I’ll do my best to try and put this into perspective and as well later in the show we talk to someone who originally hails from Windsor, Ontario who has been living in Istanbul since before the attempted coup in Turkey in the summer of 2016.

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