Ep. 46 The Democracy of Leonard Cohen; The Trumping of America and the Electoral College Conundrum

Ep. 046 - About the Electoral College, Laura Meckler, Wall Street Journal
Ep. 046 – About the Electoral College, Laura Meckler, Wall Street Journal

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On today’s show – we celebrate the life and music of the late, great Leonard Cohen. ♡ Plus! How did so many get it wrong when it came to predicting the winner of 45th presidential election? And what of the process that Trump rode in on? Tune in as we explore the big, bad electoral college with the National Political Reporter for The Wall Street Journal, Laura Meckler.

And later in the show – two political friends have a heart-to-heart about first thoughts on election night results – asking what just happened right outside our border? And final thoughts on where to go from here.

It’s life, music, talk – all grown up – click on the show link above to go to the show!

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Leonard Cohen’s Democracy

He’s one of the better poets to have lived and left this planet – Leonard Cohen passed away on November 7th, but he certainly did not leave us empty. Born September 21st, 1934 – the son of a prominent Jewish family in Montreal – Leonard Cohen was a singer, a songwriter, poet, and novelist. What some say never to discuss in public, he made a habit of discussing through all his work – religion, politics, isolation, sexuality, and personal relationships.

If you visit iTunes, you’ll find the review on his latest album which sharply states… that at 35, he sounded like an old man – at 82, he sounds eternal. Tune in as we explore the life, music, and the democracy of Leonard Cohen!

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The Electoral College Conundrum

“It wasn’t an issues campaign; it was a personality campaign.” – Laura Meckler, Wall Street Journal

Laura Meckler, Wall Street Journal, National Politics Reporter

Our next segment begs the question – was the US election that just passed, democratic enough? Political correspondent and staff reporter with The Wall Street Journal, Laura Meckler joins us to discuss how the Electoral College affected the perceptions of the outcome of this election, but first some facts:

  • Hillary Clinton won 47.8% of the popular vote; Donald Trump 47.3%.
  • But it’s the electoral votes that count – Donald Trump’s won 290 electoral votes compared to Hillary Clinton’s 228.

In last week’s show, in the character of President Barack Obama, Leslie Odom Jr. sang, “Still I pledge my allegiance to these United, Divided States.”

Alexander Hamilton, the same Hamilton that inspired the now-famous musical in which Leslie Odom Jr performs – said that the purpose of the Electoral College, as he wrote in Federalist 68, was “that presidents would be chosen on the basis of their qualifications, character, and intelligence rather than because of their talents for low intrigue and little arts of popularity.” So everyone got this election wrong – Hamilton included.

But here’s the thing – before people hold up signs “Not my President” – what about the apathy of the 46.9% of eligible voters who didn’t bother to cast a vote? (the highest no-show rate since 1996!) And what about the moderators of the debates? Why were so little questions asked on the macro issues that all Americans – and arguably the people around the world, will have to face tomorrow?

About Laura

Laura Meckler covers the 2016 presidential race, focused on the Democratic contest, the third straight presidential race she has covered for the Wall Street Journal.

Based in Washington, she also covered the White House during the first Obama term, and after that, spent two years focused on changing American demographics, and the effects of those shifts on politics and policy. Earlier, she spent many years covering health care and social policy at both the Journal and at the Associated Press, where she was a national staff reporter.

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The Morning After the Political Shocker of the Century

Harmony Peach
Harmony Peach

Let’s face it – everyone got it wrong last Tuesday. Not even Trump expected his win. As a matter of fact, political science professor, Dr. David Jackson who was my guest last week predicted that Hillary Clinton would win – with north of 300 electoral votes… and that certainly wasn’t the case.

Join Harmony Peach and me – as we come to terms with this new reality while comparing campaign memories (huh… none of which are fond), political views and opinions.

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