Show No. 44: The Music of Donovan Woods and Tales of Walkerville with Elaine Weeks

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Nancy Duffy
Nancy Duffy

On today’s show – we celebrate the music of Donovan Woods! And in the spirit of both Halloween and storytelling, later in the show, we dabble into tales of Walkerville and the history of our border city, Windsor, Ontario with Elaine Weeks from Walkerville Publishing. Join us as she sets the tone for her new novel, Time Trespasser.

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Donovan Woods

Donovan Woods
Donovan Woods

Born and raised in Sarnia, Ontario, Donovan’s talent has landed him a sweet record deal with Warner/Chappell Nashville. He’s just released a brand new EP (They are Going Away) on the coat tails of his 4th album, Hard Settle, Ain’t Troubled, that was released in February of this year.

His music has been featured all over the place – In the movie Numb with Matthew Perry, on Degrassi the Next Generation and he even had a song, My Cousin has a Grey Cup Ring featured in commercials to promote Canada’s Grey Cup.

Want to know more about Donovan – maybe catch a live show? Click here.

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The 2016 Campaign Trail

Donald and Hillary’s Twitter – A War of Words and Social Media Spillover.

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Tales of Walkerville with Elaine Weeks

Elaine Weeks, Author/Publisher
Elaine Weeks, Author/Publisher

Elaine Weeks stopped in to share stories about Windsor, Walkerville and to talk about the debut of her first novel, Time Trespasser.

Elaine Weeks and Chris Edwards have played a major role in recounting Windsor’s past and putting it down on paper – Publishing names like The Walkerville Times, Windsor Then, Walkerville –Whisky Town Extraordinaire and 500 Ways You Know You’re from Windsor.

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