Show No. 43 / On the Tail End of Thankful: The Rhetoric of Debate #2 and The Music of Allison Brown

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Nancy Duffy
Nancy Duffy

On this week’s show – we rant about Presidential Debate No. 2. Friend and journalist Harmony Peach will be joining in on that conversation. And later in the show, we talk with CJAM’s Border City Roots’ host, Allison Brown; spreading the word on her upcoming concerts beginning this Friday, October 14th.

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On Rhetoric: Debate #2

Harmony Peach
Harmony Peach

Good friend and journalist, Harmony Peach joins the show to discuss the before and after of the 2nd Presidential Debate. The conversation begins with the storm that hit Trump’s campaign after the “leak” of the Billy Bush video; a display of revealing comments that irrevocably expose Trump’s persona, as well as the underlying culture his comments represent. And what of the actual debate? A format meant to help voters decide how to cast their ballot on November 7th becomes easily twisted; providing little answers to the American public.

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The Music of Allison Brown

Singer/Songwriter, Allison Brown

Singer/songwriter Allison Brown has been in radio for over 10 years and is currently the host of Border City Roots on CJAM 99.1.

Concert Dates: For roots music lovers, Allison has a couple of concerts coming up this weekend: Friday, October 14th at The Bank Theatre in Leamington, and October 15th at the Kordazone Theatre in Windsor. Allison joined us for this show while on holiday at Algonquin Park.

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