Ep. 42 Poetry with Vanessa Shields, and the New GDP with Dr. Robert Costanza

Show 42 Vanessa Shields Dr. Costanza
Show 42 Vanessa Shields Dr. Costanza
When measuring GDP alone is no longer enough. Dr. Robert Costanze joins us from Australia to talk about alternatives to the metrics of GDP. Plus, we have the lovely Vanessa Shields joining us to talk about “Look At Her” – the poet’s latest release through Black Moss Press.

Show Notes

Today is about all things new!! First up on the show, we start off with the debut of new poetry with author and poet, Vanessa Shields – as she shares with us prose from her latest book, Look at Her.

And The Huffington Post says that our GDP is not good enough! Later in the show – we talk about a paradigm shift and “The Need for a New Metric for Growth in a Changing World” – this is not small stuff. We’re talking about alternatives to the GDP (gross national product) with Dr. Robert Costanza who joins us all the way from Australia.

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The Poetry with Vanessa Sheilds; and the Debut of her 3rd Book: Look at Her

About Vanessa
Vanessa Shields
Vanessa Shields

Shields has made her home, her family, and her work life flourish in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Her passion for writing was discovered at a very young age through the vein of writing in a journal. Her first book, Laughing Through A Second Pregnancy – A Memoir, was published by Black Moss Press in 2011 to rave reviews. In April 2013, Shields edited a poetry anthology entitled, Whisky Sour City (Black Moss Press). I Am That Woman, her first book of poetry, was published in January 2014, also by Black Moss Press. A forthcoming book of poetry, Look At Her, be published by Black Moss Press in September 2016. Shields is the Poetry Editor for the Windsor Review, and she writes a monthly blog for the League of Canadian Poets on being a writing parent. She is passionate about promoting poetry and the writing life and is often on a jury (or two!) for major awards and/or contests.

Her poetry, short stories, and photography have been published in various literary magazines. She mentors, guest speaks, and teaches creative writing, and does Poetry On Demand, on-the-spot poetry-writing that helps make poetry fun and accessible for all. As creator and host of Mouth Piece Storytelling, a storytelling competition, Shields is able to share her love of storytelling with her community.

To get in contact with Vanessa with questions about writing, or to get a copy of her book, click here to visit her site.

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The New GDP with Dr. Robert Costanza

About Dr. Robert Costanza
Dr. Robert Costanza
Dr. Robert Costanza

Dr. Robert Costanza is a Professor and Chair in Public Policy at the Crawford School of Public Policy. Prior to this, he was Distinguished University Professor of Sustainability in the Institute for Sustainable Solutions at Portland State University, Gund Professor of Ecological Economics and founding director of the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics at the University of Vermont, Professor at the University of Maryland and at Louisiana State University and a visiting scientist at the Beijer Institute for Ecological Economics in Stockholm, Sweden, and at the University of Illinois Natural History Survey.

Dr. Costanza is also currently a Senior Fellow at the National Council on Science and the Environment, Washington, DC, a Senior Fellow at the Stockholm Resilience Center, Stockholm, Sweden, and an Affiliate Fellow at the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics at the University of Vermont.

Dr. Costanza has a Master’s in Architecture and a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering Sciences (Systems Ecology with Economics minor) from the University of Florida.

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