Hillary’s In While Sanders ‘Berns’ Out – Way Ahead of His Time

You and Me,
We Had a Good Thing Going On

What has to happen in a world full of ideas, resources and good executors, that people have to resort to making a choice among the least of their options?

Comfort I suppose. Cold comfort over necessary change.

Bernie Sanders is not comfortable. But he is a bridge. Not the rickety kind one has second thoughts in crossing. He’s sturdy; predictable because he says what he means, exactly, and repeats it over and over again until we get it; until we’re secure with it. And he’s strong enough to bring us to the other side of this mad race we’re in – mass shootings, a bad economy, tumultuous race relations, world conflict, and terrorism.  Malcolm Forbes said that “When things are bad, we take comfort in the thought that they could always get worse. And when they are, we find hope in the thought that things are so bad they have to get better.” I’m not sure we’re on our way to better yet. These troubled waters headed our way will require no less than our all – all of our collective thinking, our resources, talents, personalities – all hands on deck, and a real good bridge.

Though the solution of making things better for America lies within the people, an unassuming, but focused Sanders would have been the one to help Americans find each other. Citizens gravitate toward him because he’s well-intentioned; he’s been around a block or two. And he speaks as though we have known him all along. And “we” are both young and old, idealist and skeptic, traditional and modern.

In a world that dictates the next best thing in the form of an app, Sanders is a constant, assuming the best of all generations. In the tradition of politics, he was the welcome surprise. I once heard someone call him ‘everyone’s favorite angry grandpa.’ Great. That means that if elected, he would have watched out for us like we were his own, spoiled us but not too much, and he would have been careful to dole out equal treatment, even though he clearly has his favorites. Some are happy that Sanders never got a chance to serve as president, saying his image would only have tarnished over time. How long can one hope to hold a steady “Bern” on Capital Hill after all?

And so it ends – but only because the people thought it had to. Though Bernie Sanders might be the oldest candidate this race has seen, he was ahead of his time. Still, when the people are ready, I think they might embrace a Bernie Sanders 2.0, whoever that might be.

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