Show No. 37: Overcoming the Spectacle of Hate. A Conversation with Holocaust Survivor, Eva Olsson

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Nancy Duffy
Host, Nancy Duffy

Welcome to the final piece in our special 3-part series called Spectacle or Spectacular – a collection of Stories about people who dare greatly, hopeful of a certain outcome, with no guarantees.  They draw critics and supporters alike. But what made them dare their actions – what caused them to step out so boldly? The final installation of this 3 part series is about the spectacle of WWII and the undisputed spectacular actions of the allied forces, the soldiers, the prisoners in the concentration camps, those who defied death –  the rescued and the escaped; and helpers and the doers… and those who lost their lives in the process.

Tune in as we listen to excerpts from Nobel Peace Prize winner, author and Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel, Winston Churchill and Simon Wiesenthal – before diving into a full-length conversation with Holocaust survivor, Eva Olsson.

About Eva Olson

Eva Olsson, Holocaust Survivor and Speaker
Eva Olsson, Holocaust Survivor, and Speaker

Eva Ollson was born to a Jewish family, in Hungary in October 1924. She is 92 years young (at the taping of this show). Her family was taken to the concentration camps, where she lost most of her family members. After coming to Canada and after 50 years of silence from the day of her liberation, Eva now spends her days speaking to both children and adults around the world about the Holocaust and her experience in it. She holds an honorary doctorate from Nipissing University and Lakehead University and is the recipient of the Order of Ontario. As well as an honorary fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Why Now?

I realize that this show comes in the wake of the Orlando shooting – and the tragic testimonies we’ve heard over the past few days.  The interview for this show, however, took place quite some time ago; on April 15th, 2016, actually. I found the content so heartbreaking, that it took some time to edit and produce the finished piece. I just didn’t feel like going there. But after Orlando, I realized – who better to address a time such as this than someone who had been on the receiving end of this type of hate? Eva Olsson is an Auschwitz survivor. Yes, this is a heavy – but it’s all so very relevant as we talk about our future; based on the lessons and warnings of our past.

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Holocaust Survivor and Speaker, Eva Olsson

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