Show No. 36: Spectacle or Spectacular? Part 2. Spoken Word Art

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This is part 2 of a special 3-part series called “Spectacle or Spectacular?” These are stories about people who dare greatly, hopeful of a certain outcome, with no guarantees.  They will draw critics and supporters alike. But what made them dare their actions – what caused them to step out so boldly – and for today’s show, we explore Spoken Word Art…

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Spoken Word Art.

Spoken word artists stand on stage and spill their hearts out. It’s a process that may leave the audience uncomfortable, giddy, engaged, love-struck or inspired all at once. These are powerful words that can help heal the soul or tear up old wounds. And each work can be judged as spectacle or spectacular if you want it to… But based on the individuals we spoke to for today’s show, there can be little doubt. Their work is spectacular.

Spoken Word Art – Defined:
Spoken word is an oral art that focuses on the aesthetics of word play and intonation and voice inflection. It is a ‘catchall’ that includes any kind of poetry recited aloud, including hip-hop, jazz poetry, poetry slams, traditional poetry readings and can include comedy routines and ‘prose monologues.’ – Wikipedia

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Spoken Word Art with Matt Loeb and Coral More

Spoken Word Artists Matt Loeb and Coral More join me from Vancouver, BC to discuss the art of Spoken Word Poetry as it relates to what’s left on and off stage. Their stories are riveting – and their words even more so.

Guest Bio: Matt Loeb

Matt Loeb, Spoken Word Artist, Host Vancouver Poetry Slam, Founder of Windsor Poetry Slam
Matt Loeb, Spoken Word Artist, Host Vancouver Poetry Slam, Founder of Windsor Poetry Slam

Hailing from Windsor, Ontario, where in 2015 he founded the Windsor Poetry Slam. Matt Loeb is a Spoken Word artist who’s poetry ranges from candid honesty to biting satire. A finalist at the 2014 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam he later went on to make semi-finals with a last minute “Wild Card” team at the 2014 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. A prolific writer Matt has performed almost 100 different poems in slam poetry competitions making him one of only a few poets in North America to achieve this. His nerd themed poetry has also been featured on popular sci-fi blog i09. Matt regularly hosts the Vancouver Poetry Slam, and writes the webcomic Brain Thought Word Say.

Guest Bio: Coral More

Coral More, Spoken Word Artist
Coral More, Spoken Word Artist

Coral More is a Vancouver-based poet, a member of the 2015 Vancouver poetry slam national team, the 2015 Vancouver individual world poetry slam and Canadian individual poetry slam representative. she has traveled to Oakland for the national poetry slam, Washington D.C. for the individual world poetry slam, and Saskatoon for the Canadian Festival of Spoken word. she has featured at slams in Squamish, Saskatoon, Victoria, Seattle, Olympia, and Portland. coral writes as an act of storytelling, healing, and reclamation. she believes the spoken word can offer insight into lived experience with the potential to change how we view ourselves and the world. when coral isn’t performing, she is pursuing a BA in psychology at UBC and eating copious amounts of twizzlers and tea.

Spectacle or Spectacular?

In the case of Spoken Word Art… it’s subjective. In the case of Matt Loeb and Coral More – “Spectacular!”

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