Show No. 35: Spectacle or Spectacular? First of a Special 3-Part Series.

Donald Trump & The American Primaries

Show Summary

An Introduction to the Series

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“Spectacle or Spectacular?” is a special 3-part series where host, Nancy Duffy, with the help of the audience and special guests, discuss and dissect 3 events in modern history – or something that is history-in-the making, and decide whether or not it merits the title of something spectacular, or something that is merely spectacle.

These are stories about people who dare greatly, hopeful of a certain outcome, but not knowing for sure what that might be. Intentions aside, they will draw critics and supporters alike. But what made them dare their actions? What caused them to step out so boldly – and what’s changed since that time?

So what does it mean to be a spectacle versus being spectacular?

A Definition for the purposes of this show: Spectacle is merely a show of sorts – a lot of bells and whistles with little substance … whereas Spectacular, is doing something amazing or worthy of special notice. It’s impactful – longstanding – inspiring to others.

For the next 3 shows – I will discuss a person – or an event that’s happened (or is in the process of happening), and guests on the show, as well our audience, will help determine if something is either spectacle or spectacular.

Life / Music / Talk All grown up – on the Nancy Duffy Show – You decide, Spectacle – or Spectacular? Let’s get started!

1st Case: Spectacle or Spectacular?

Donald Trump and the American Primaries

For this first show we just had to discuss American politics and the advent of Donald Trump – because he’s a prime example of what can happen just by daring to get out there – and watching the cards fall where they may.

He’s a businessman turned celebrity in a race for the biggest job serving the American public. The republican establishment at first placate him – and now they can’t believe he’s winning.

00:07:05 into the Show
Debate Discussion with Harmony Peach

Harmony Peach
Harmony Peach

Good friend and journalist, Harmony Peach joins me to discuss the outcome of the 11th GOP debate at the Fox Theatre in Detroit. Specifically, we examine three highlights, or rather, humorous lowlights, of the debate with a slight comparison to politics on this side of the border.

00:15:40 into the Show
Interview with Dr. David Jackson

Midway through the show, Professor David Jackson joins in to discuss the trajectory of Trump’s sudden and growing popularity. We also discuss which candidates on opposing sides would bring about the better debate in American politics.


Dr. David Jackson, Researcher and Professor of Political Science at Bowling Green State University
Dr. David Jackson, Researcher and Professor of Political Science at Bowling Green State University

Having researched Entertainment and Politics, Dr. David J. Jackson earned his B.A. in political science from the University of Detroit, his M.A. in political science from BGSU, and his Ph.D. from Wayne State University.

He has also written extensively about organized labor’s campaign contribution strategies.  His interests extend beyond the US to Canada, where his research has focused on entertainment and politics, as well as gambling policy.  He is also interested in Poland and the Polish diaspora in the United States, and he has written about the role of music in the creation and maintenance of the Polish-American identity. He is the host of the Sunday Morning Polka Show on WXUT, 88.3FM in Toledo from 10:00 to 12:00PM.

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