Shifting from Good Intentions to Intentional Living – A video recap of my 1st launch with OJC MasterClass

Ari Freed, NOT Business As Usual

An Inspirational Breakfast… with these guys :)

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I know I’ve been away from my show for a while. It’s because I was feeling as though I needed to learn more, do more, experience more – I just wasn’t feeling as though I had anything of value to add to my listeners. And that’s all I ever want – to add value; and to always leave things in a better state than when I arrived.  So I’ve been busy with all sorts of things – but growing mostly. Part of this included organizing community events to have others grow along with me! And so here it is… my very first!  This event was created through OJC MasterClass, a project I created to facilitate even more events like this in the future. I welcome you to join me for the next one.

One of my favourite teachers and authors is John Maxwell – He says that, “When you have shifted from good intentions to intentional living, whenever you detect a need that matters to you, you no longer think, something must be done about that. Instead, you think, I must do something about that.”

Our region has one of the highest rates of unemployment in Canada – and it weighs heavy on us and our sense of community. So this event is just the beginning of what I think must be done

This was a gathering to inspire people – to find a way, through the sharing of stories and experiences, to help pick this region up – to create a contagious type of energy that propels us all forward. And for the purposes of this particular event, it started with the likes of Ari Freed and in the sharing of his story of success – the story of the thriving Freeds’ brand in spite of the unique challenges that come with today’s global retail industry.  And if they can do it – so can you!

As for the state of this show – The Nancy Duffy Show, I feel renewed and inspired. I’ve discovered that I do have a lot to say – as well as a lot more to learn… and that I no longer have to choose one over the other.

I want to thank all those who took a chance on me for this first event, especially Ari Freed, Jody Raffoul, Dan Orman and Lora Crestan. I’d also like to thank those that helped make this happen: Mark Plancke, Dave Genik, Michelle Sulemani and Bianca Civiero – Thank you all!


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