Show No. 34: Vanessa Shields – I am “That Woman”

Vanessa Shields
Vanessa Shields

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I Am That WomanThis week we bring you the work of Vanessa Shields. She’s a writer from Windsor, Ontario – and her poetry will make you think about life’s most precarious moments. Do we accept where we’ve been and the choices we’ve made? Do we become those choices or something else – something more?

Tune in to listen to Vanessa as she shares her poetics, her thoughts on motherhood, romance after kids, and the ambitions of today’s woman. Her new book, I am that Woman is a reflection of all of these things. It’s fun, sassy… and for the first time ever, I had to mark this show “Explicit” for the purposes of my iTunes listing… yes, Vanessa is bold.

It’s Life/Music/Talk – All Grown Up – right now on The Nancy Duffy Show! 

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I am that Woman

Guest: Vanessa Shields | Writer, Poet

Writer/Poet, Vanessa Shields
Writer/Poet, Vanessa Shields

Vanessa Shields has made her home, her family and her work life flourish in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Her passion for writing was discovered at a very young age through the vein of writing in a journal. Her first book, Laughing Through A Second Pregnancy – A Memoir, was published by Black Moss Press in 2011 to rave reviews. In April 2013, Shields edited a poetry anthology entitled, Whisky Sour City (Black Moss Press). I Am That Woman, her first book of poetry, was published in January 2014, also by Black Moss Press. Her poetry, short stories and photography have been published in various literary magazines. She mentors, guest speaks and teaches creative writing. She also does Poetry On Demand, on-the-spot poetry that helps make poetry fun and accessible for all.

MouthpieceMouthpiece! New Live Event Launches with Host: Vanessa Shields

Mouthpiece is an off-the-cuff storytelling event that premieres Friday, June 12th at Villains Bistro. Doors open @ 6, Sign up starts at 7 and storytelling begins at 7:30/8 PM. Remember it’s a similar format to what you hear on the Moth Radio Hour – Google them if you haven’t heard about this type of event before. Should be a lot of fun – so come on out and share your stories!

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