Show No. 33: The 4L Challenge + The Race to Change the Statute of Limitations

4 Liter Water Challenge, Backlogged Rape Kits, Removing the Statute of Limitations

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This week we hope to inspire you to take the 4 Liter Challenge in an effort to raise awareness about the value of water around the world on a very personal level. Human Rights Advocate, George McGraw will share some insights into what the challenge is all about.

And later in the show, we talk about the fight against “Evidence in Holding” and Changing the Statute of Limitations when it comes to sexual assault cases. Activist Meaghan Ybos joins me as we discuss what has changed in the state of Tennessee – Let’s see if this catches on…

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The 4 Liter Challenge

Guest: George McGrawHuman Rights Lawyer and Founder of The DIG Deep Right to Water Project

George McGraw
George McGraw
Human Rights Lawyer and founder of The DIG Deep Right to Water Project

Listen in as George McGraw, human rights lawyer and founder of The DIG Deep Right to Water Project calls on us to take the 4 Liter Challenge… using just 4 liters of water over a 24 hour period of time. “Learn how to love your water and raise funds for communities without it,” is really what the challenge is all about. One hundred percent of all funds raised will be going toward water access projects in South Sudan, Cameroon, and the Navaho communities within the United States.

Feel up to the challenge? Join others who have already made the pledge like Alicia Silverstone! Get creative – post video, and photos of all the crazy ways you’re working to stay within the limits of 4 liters of water over a 24 hour period … Use the hashtag in your posts of #4Liters. The campaign started October 6th and ends November 6th – so choose your 24-hour time frame and get started! Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! Register online at

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The Fight Against “Evidence in Holding” and The Race to Change the Statute of Limitations

Guest: Meaghan Ybos | Advocate for Victims’ Rights

Activist, Meaghan Ybos
Activist, Meaghan Ybos

Earlier this year, The Memphis Area Women’s Council posted this on their facebook page:

“Big news! The Tennessee House of Representatives voted unanimously this evening to pass the bill to eliminate the statute of limitations on cases of rape and aggravated rape – in adults and children – for all cases filed within three years of occurrence. The bill was sponsored by Sen. Mark Norris and Rep. Joe Towns Jr. and previously passed in the Senate.

This is great news for the women of Tennessee – and for children and men who suffer sexual assault. Most rape cases in future will not face a clock, a limit on the time during which a prosecution of an accused rapist can begin.”

Our guest, Meghan Ybos had a lot to do with this new law. A rape survivor whose rape kit went untested for years, Meaghan Ybos has made it her life’s work to ensure other cases like hers would live to see justice served. She is one brave, very determined young woman. Listen in to hear our conversation.

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