Show 31: Debut Album for The Archers + Speaker, Glen Bacarro says, “Stop the Excuses…”

The Archers on The Nancy Duffy Show

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The Archers rock. It’s true. I’ve seen them live – and this week, you get to hear them. Sandy Hughes of The Archers joins us on today’s show, as they get ready to tour, celebrating the release of their debut album, These Wicked Woods.

And later in the show: Stop the excuses! Youth speaker, Glen Bacarro tells us how to overcome your circumstances to make you passionate about living your life. I think you’re going to like what he has to say… regardless of your age…

It’s Life/Music/Talk – All Grown Up.  

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The Archers | These Wicked Woods

This fine Canadian group, The Archers, consists of what I call 4 old soulsSandy Hughes, Ethan Caleb, Liam Moes, and Liam McLaren… I call them old souls because although very young, their music already has the maturity typical of fine wine – the harmonies, the lyrics – the perfect mixture of genres – so that people like us (Show hosts and such), can’t easily put them into any one category!

Their full-length debut album was just released on April 15th of this year and recorded in Monarch Studios (Vancouver). Having been formed right out of high school, The Archers share the roles of lead vocals, guitar, piano, bass, drums, mandolin – even the banjo! They’re like the next generational fab four of a new roots/rock music movement.

Tune in to enjoy their sound and listen to our interview with band-member, Sandy Hughes.

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Stop the Excuses! A Talk with Speaker, Glen Bacarro on Working Toward Something Better

Motivational Youth Speaker, Glen Bacarro

If you’re going to listen to any show or podcast this week – this should be it. Tune in as we talk with Youth Motivational Speaker, Glen Bacarro who’s working hard to try and affect change in the hearts and minds of youth struggling with current circumstances… And the kids are listening… Find out why.


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