Show No. 30: The Music of Just A Season with Scott Smith + Fill in the Blank, “Before I Die I Want To…”

Scott Smith, Just a Season



Tune in to discover and share the music of Just a Season – with Canadian singer/songwriter Scott Smith – AND Later in the show – Life’s busy. In fact, you might think some of the best things are passing you by… Did you love the people who were most important to you the way you intended? What can you change? Today we talk about changing gears before its too late …

It’s life, music talk, all grown up –

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Scott Smith – Just a Season

Just a Season’s Scott Smith is an expert at making other artists sound great – from the country music of Aaron Pritchet to the music of rich hope and His Blue Rich Rangers, Bughouse5 and many others.

He’s been everybody’s ringer, going between guitar and pedal steel – but this time around he’s taken the opportunity to grab hold of his roots – in a literal sense – and make an album all his own – with a little help from his friends of course..

We caught up with Scott from Canada’s west coast earlier this month – tune in to hear our conversation.

Just a Season’s latest video release “Trouble in her Eyes” is posted below.

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Before I Die I want to… You can fill in the blank after listening to this segment.

Are you happy with how your life has turned out so far? What would the people you love say about you if you were gone without warning – Did you love the people who are most important to you the way you intended? What can you change?  Tune in as we share insights from Globe and Mail columnist, Elizabeth Renzetti and a few good people who were brave enough to write their own obituaries: Charles Robert Butler and Seattle Times writer, Jane Catharine Lotter. We’ll also discuss the influence of Candy Chang and her project that turned an old abandoned building into a wishing well of expectations.


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