Ep. 29 The Music of The Honeyrunners, Plus: WANTED – A Few Good Independents…

The Honeyrunners
Like a bit of rock, Motown… folk? You’ll want to hear our conversation with The Honeyrunners of Toronto, Ontario – AND – We could use a few good independents. Tune in and I’ll tell you why.


Here’s what’s coming up – Like a bit of rock, Motown… folk? You’ll want to hear our conversation with The Honeyrunners of Toronto, Ontario – AND – What do you think about the independent artist – what about the independent politician?  Can they affect change? I think so.  We go back in time to a few good examples – and Member of Parliament, Brent Rathgeber joins us later in the show to talk about what it means to work against the machine.

It’s life, music talk, all grown up – It’s the Nancy Duffy Show – on InRetro Radio!


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Music of The Honeyrunners – An interview with Dan Dwoskin

The Honeyrunners are a fusion of Rock with the weathered soul of Motown mixed in with some 60’s folk.  They have a second EP coming up this summer.  Their music has been part of national ad campaigns – from Bacardi to CocaCola, and they’ve performed in music festivals across Canada. You’re going to see a lot more from these guys – a group to watch out for in the future for sure!

Band members include:

  1. Dan Dwoskin (keys/lead vocal – on Interview)
  2. Marcus Bucci (guitar/vocals)
  3. Brandon Robins (drums/vocals)
  4. Mike Bolton (bass/vocals)

We caught up with lead singer, Dan Dwoskin in Toronto Ontario earlier this week.  Be sure to tune in to our conversation – and as well listen to the music! You’re going to love these guys…

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A Few Good Independents in the Field of Politics

Elections are coming up. Just how Independent are You? (Includes an Interview with Brent Rathgeber, MP for Edmonton-St. Albert, Alberta)

Last week we did an interview with Canadian singer/songwriter James Keelaghan.  And what I found interesting about James, is that for most of his 25-year music career, he worked as an independent artist.  He’s brilliant – talented – and one of the best singer/songwriters in Canada.  And we have some magnificent independent artists on the job right now throughout Canada. But what of the other professional arenas?  How far can you go working as an independent?  What about in politics?

Interested? It’s not too late to throw your hat in the ring! Tune in as we discuss the challenges of working as an Independent Member of Parliament.  During this segment we talk about the case example of Independent Member of Parliament Chuck Cadman – and bring it full circle with an interview with current Independent MP for Edmonton-St. Albert, Alberta, Brent Rathgeber.


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