Show No. 28: 25 Years of James Keelaghan, the Controversial Tidings of Rex Murphy, and GOLD! The GAME that Brought Canadian Patriotism Back

James Keelaghan
25 Years of James Keelaghan, the Controversial Tidings of Rex Murphy, and GOLD! The GAME that Brought Canadian Patriotism Back


Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s show – and quite a week it’s been! First up special guest Canadian singer/songwriter, James Keelaghan will be talking with us about a retrospective of his last 25 years of work – AND later in the show, we move to the controversial tidings of Rex Murphy and the CBC…. Plus I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention all the Canadian Pride going on right now with our latest gold medal win for Team Canada in Men’s hockey! Canada played a brilliant game Sunday morning.  Happy to share my thoughts with Canadians – and maybe extend an olive branch to our bruised American friends…

It’s life, music talk, all grown up – and this is the Nancy Duffy Show – on InRetro Radio.


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James Keelaghan | Canadian Folk and Roots Singer/Songwriter

Full of surprises, during this interview with James Keelaghan, you’ll hear how and why never-been-told stories are often the subject of his songs – almost always featuring ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances.

James Keelaghan is one of the finest singer-songwriters known to Canada – in part because he knows how to tell a story like no one else. He’s earned several noteworthy nominations and awards – including a Juno Award – and acclaim from Australia to Scandinavia.

James is an avid reader and a history buff – always on the look out for a good story to tell. Canadian folk singer, David Francey describes James as, “a voice in contemporary Canadian songwriting that has helped us define who we are as a people.”

Be sure to tune in to hear our conversation as well as select songs from his latest album, “James Keelaghan; History, the First 25 Years.”  Click here to see where you can watch him play live. 

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The Controversial Tidings of Rex Murphy

During this segment, we talk about the controversial tidings being spread about by CBC’s one and only Rex Murphy. Do you agree with ‘business as usual’ when it comes to the paid speaking engagements of CBC-paid employees? Weigh in your opinion after listening to the show!

Time: 00:37:15 Into the Show

Hockey Canadian Style | We apologize, but really, it’s always been our game.

Truthfully, hockey is anyone’s game – it’s that much fun… We just happen to play it better (she said, tongue-in-cheek :). We invite you to tune in as we extend an olive branch to our American friends. Listen to a play-by-play in true Canadian form, of the game that brought us to our feet. #Canadian proud.

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