Show No. 27: The Music of Poor Angus and a Fairwell to Philip Seymour Hoffman

Show No. 27: The Music of Poor Angus and a Fairwell to Philip Seymour Hoffman

Band members of Poor Angus include: Brian LeBlanc, Andrew Bryan, DJay Moons, Joel Guenther and Ross Griffiths.


On this week’s show we speak with one of the finalists from last year’s CBC Searchlight competition… Brian LeBlanc of Poor Angus joins us, and we’ll be playing music from their latest album, Gathering – you’re going to love it! Plus if you love what you do, should you be forced to retire?  Tell that to the generation under you! AND today – at the very time of the recording of this show, we lost a fine actor in Philip Seymour Hoffman. You’ll know him from his work in Capote, The Master, Charlie Wilson’s War and Doubt, just to name a few. We’ll feature some of his best of times, and worst of times…

It’s life, music talk, all grown up – 


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Poor Angus

We’re so excited to have Poor Angus join us on this week’s Nancy Duffy Show. From out of Hamilton, Ontario – Andrew Bryan, Ross Griffiths, Joel Guenther, DJ Moons and Brian LeBlanc make up the band.

They’ve just released their CD titled Gathering – and I immediately fell in love with it. They’re a Celtic band with a huge twist of folk – And they’re taking both Canada and the U.S. by storm with this latest album.  I caught up with Brian LeBlanc of the group earlier this week in Hamilton, Ontario.  We talk about the making of the group, the making of this latest album – and about the song, Something I Can’t See, which landed them in the final four out of 3,000 bands in CBC’s Searchlight competition.  Click the play link at the top of this page to hear our conversation – along with some of their great music! 

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If You Love What You Do, Should You  be Forced to Retire?

If you are a senior nearing retirement or know of one who is, or if your simply a fan of late night television, you’ll want to listen to this segment.

Last week there was an article in the New York Times that suggests seniors who are at retirement age – and who don’t have to work, are opting to stay at their jobs longer.  It’s a piece inspired by the recent example of Jay Leno, who is now being pulled from his late night podium for yet a second time, in favour of the much younger Jimmy Fallon (not to be confused for Jimmy Kimmel of course).

Join us as we explore options (pros and cons) for seniors who have the power of choice for retirement – and the hardships of those without it. 

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The Passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman

We lost one of the good ones today – and the reasons are unclear.  Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his Manhattan apartment Sunday afternoon.  He earned two Tony nominations, and is known for his important roles in movie greats like – The Master, Nobody’s Fool, Boogie Nights, – and of course for the role of which he landed the Academy award for best actor in his portrayal of Truman Capote… in the movie Capote (just to name a few).

Hoffman was a native of New York, born in Rochester – the second of four children.  One of his last public appearances was only weeks ago at the Sundance Film Festival in January concerning his role in the upcoming film, “God’s Pocket.”

Tune in to hear clips of some stunning words Philip imparts to us on the night he won his Academy Award for Best Actor… and to hear the song, we dedicate in his honour. 

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