Show No. 26: From Neil Young to a License to Ride – to the Olympic World Stage and Back

Neil Young and Stephen Harper
Neil Young has been making the headlines – not so much for what he’s been singing, but more so about what he’s been saying… AND renewal talks about licensing for bicycles.. Get your ticket to ride here!


This week – Neil Young has been making the headlines – but not about what he’s been singing lately, but more so about what he’s been saying… We’ll talk with music promoter Joelle May about Neil Young and how critics are reaming him for stepping on his tongue… AND although it’s so cold outside and not really biking weather, some are talking about the possibility of bringing back licensing for bicycles – we’ll share some opinions about that – PLUS Sochi 2014 – it’s almost here!  My cohort-in-crime – Erin Drushel and I will talk about where the Olympics should be – and what’s in a world stage anyway? 

It’s life, music talk, all grown up…

Show Notes

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Neil Young – Critics Say he’s been stepping on his tongue… 

He’s anything but Helpless.  He has his music… He has a following… and as of late he has a new cause.  Up until now – he’s been a jewel in Canadian music – making us proud at home and abroad… Things change when you take on big gas and oil.

First – a bit of background.  It started when Neil Young put on an Honour the Treaties tour to raise funds for the benefit of the Northern Alberta First Nations people  – the funds raise of which will be put toward helping to fight oil sands development and to raise awareness of aboriginal rights in Canada.

During his tour – he likened Fort McMurray to what happened in Hiroshima… he also said that oil exports represent only about 2% of GDP…

That was enough for the opposition (big oil and the Harper government) to dig in their heels.  Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, Joe Oliver says the GDP represents far more than 2% and attracts projects that account for tens of billions of dollars back into the Canadian economy and employs tens of thousands of people.  When it comes to Neil Young, Oliver says, “he doesn’t have his facts right and he’s using his fame to advance a story which is fundamentally false…”  – And so the dance begins…

Joelle May of ModMay Promotions joins us to weigh in on her opinion on the matter – all this after coming to Neil Young’s defence through social media.  She’s a music promoter who has worked with countless musicians with “what music does..”  It’s an interesting perspective.  Be sure to tune in!

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The lineup at the City Cyclery, Windsor, ON.
The lineup at the City Cyclery, Windsor, ON.

Bicycles – No Longer a Free Ride?

From Neil Young’s Rockin’ in the Free world, and his gallant fight with big oil to “Hang on to your helmets!”  We explore the idea of bringing back a license to ride… a bike.  All this because of one woman – Chicago City Councillor, Pat Dowell – she’s sparked a debate about licensing and taxing cyclists for the use of roads and bike lanes.  Specifically she’s proposing an annual $25 fee for bike riders in Chicago.

Her rationale – “we have an increase in bike ridership in the city, have provided bike lanes for bike riders and they utilize the road, just like the people who drive cars and trucks.”  This lively discourse has spread to Canada… with talks of a higher fee.  So we stopped by a bike shop – in this case the City Cyclery in Windsor, Ontario and spoke with Chris Holt, Stephen Hargeaves and Nancy Yim-Holt to get their opinions.  Let us know your thoughts as well – after you listen to this segment of the show – are you for or against licensing for bikes?  Post your opinion below our show notes!

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All the World’s a Stage – At the Olympics that Is!

Sochi 2014 is just around the corner!  So let’s talk Olympics.  This week, InRetro Columnist Erin Drushel caught my attention with her view on the state of the Olympics and the idea of hosting the games in a permanent location.  I caught up with her this past Friday in Ohio – and our discussion lead to the question – Whose (political) stage is it anyway?  Join us for this lively, tongue-in-cheek debate.


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