Show No. 25: The Music of ENNIS – Plus, Are Train Derailments Making a Case for Pipelines?

Canadian roots group, ENNIS use their music as a way of telling stories, documenting time and influencing change. We catch up with Karen Ennis to find out more. Plus, news on the latest train derailments and what it means for the future of pipelines.

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East Coast Music Makers, ENNIS
East Coast Music Makers, ENNIS

Sisters Maureen, Karen and Teresa have always made music together, first as the Ennis Sisters – and now as just Ennis – with Maureen and Karen.  Born and raised in Newfoundland/Labrador, some of their accomplishments include a Juno Award, as well as awards and nominations from SOCAN, the East Coast Music Awards, and the MusicNL Awards.  Their music has taken them to stages not only across Canada and the United States, but in Australia, The Middle East, and Europe.  Their journey has brought them 3 gold records and has privileged them to share the stage with accomplished artists like Mary Black, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Jann Arden and The Chieftains.

You’ll enjoy this segment with Karen Ennis as she talks about their music, and as we play some songs from their most recent album, The Fortunate Ones.

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Are Train Derailments Making a Case for Pipelines?

The catastrophic train derailment in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec (Jul 6, 2013)
The catastrophic train derailment in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec (Jul 6, 2013)

Train derailments are happening at a time when debates and dialogue about support for – and opposition against pipelines for the transportation of oil are at an all time high

Deadlines for decisions to determine the fate of two pipelines are coming up – the Keystone XL and the Northern Gateway… and it just seems that the wrong decision might be made because we can’t seem to get a handle on stopping or doing what we can to prevent these derailments…

Which is riskier – rail or pipeline?  And is what’s being presented as solutions our only options?  Does it have to be an “either / or” thing?  Are we missing something?

bm-icon-26Tune in and write to us on your thoughts on the topic – have you made your mind up on what you would like to see happen?  Leave your comments below and we’ll share them on next week’s show.


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