Show No. 24: The Stovepipe: An Account of Bonnie Virag’s Experience in the Canadian Foster Care System

Show Notes Summary

Time: 00:00:01 Into the Show
Bonnie Virag
Bonnie Virag, Author of The Stovepipe

An Interview with Bonnie Virag – About her book, The Stovepipe and Her Experience Growing Up in the Canadian Foster System

Hers was a story of heartache – met by perseverance – and then eventually freedom.  On this episode of The Nancy Duffy Show, we will be speaking with Bonnie Virag – first time author of The Stovepipe – a memoir about her life with her siblings – shifting from home to home within the Canadian foster system…

Time: 00:33:40 Into the Show

U.S./Canadian Song Pics of the Week

We’re playing my song pics of the week here on the Nancy Duffy Show – One American Artist – paired with one Canadian artist… And this week our picks are:

  1. Walk of the Earth – with a very cool rendition of Brian Adam’s song, Heaven (Canadian Band)
  2. Keaton Simons – Inspiration, from the album, Beautiful Pain

It’s life, music talk, all grown up –

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