Show No. 23: Losing Democracy – A Government Shutdown + US/CDN Song Picks of the Week

Government Shutdown


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Losing Democracy in Government Shutdown

A small group of truckers use the resources at their disposal to make a point – and it’s simple: they want government back to work… they want the American economy to open back up for business – and they’re not alone.

When the results of one poll by NBC News and the Wallstreet Journal were released earlier this week about where the American Public stood in its views of the U.S. government shutdown – at least one party began shuffling to deliver dialogue of who was responsible for all that has happened.

In short – 70% of those polled said they were not in support of the Tea Party Movement –

And more importantly, when asked this question:

“As you know, President Obama and the Republicans in Congress have not reached a budget agreement, and this has led to a shutdown of the federal government. Who do you think is more to blame for this shutdown – President Obama or the Republicans in Congress?“ – here were the answers:

Republicans in Congress – 53%
President Obama – 31%
Both equal (VOL)  – 13%
Not sure  – 3%

InRetro columnist, Erin Drushel joins us to talk about the current state of affairs with the American Government Shutdown.

Time: 00:14:27 Into the Show

U.S./Canadian Song Pics of the Week

We’re playing my song pics of the week here on the Nancy Duffy Show – One American Artist – paired with one Canadian artist… And this week our picks are:

  1. Seth Glier – Man I Used to Be (American); and
  2. Blue Rodeo – New Morning Sun

Listen in to the show to hear more about these artists and their songs.  Here’s the music video of the recent release by Blue Rodeo:

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