Ep. 21 Remembering the Man Who Helped End the Cold War + A Conversation with Canadian Rock Group, The Meds

Former Minister of Agriculture and Senator, Hon. Eugene Whelan and Mikhail Gorbachev
A Talk with the Daughter of Senator Eugene Whelan, Plus an Interview with Indie Music Group, The Meds


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Celebrating the Life of Former Minister of Agriculture and Senator, Honourable Eugene Whelan

It’s been just over a month now that Canadians lost one of their finest – Former Minister of Agriculture and Senator, Honourable Eugene Whelan. One of his most notable accomplishments, was in his role as the unlikely diplomat who would in part, help end the cold war… simply by spending time and sharing ideas (and perhaps a drink or two) with the Soviet Union’s Mikhail Gorbachev. We say unlikely, not for his lack of ability – but because of his unassuming nature, his way with words, his background as a Minister of Agriculture as opposed to someone from foreign affairs… A product of humble beginnings, raised by a single mother of nine and someone who credited mother’s allowance for having saved his family – Senator Whelan never forgot where he came from, and he took little for granted.  Tune in for this special tribute.

Justice of the Peace, Susan Whelan –Photo by Peter Kelly
Justice of the Peace, Susan Whelan –Photo by Peter Kelly

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Special Guest, An Interview with Justice of the Peace – and daughter of Honourable Eugene Whelan, Susan E. Whelan

She is the daughter of the former Minister of Agriculture and Senator known for his green Stetson… A lawyer and former politician herself, Susan has been vice-chair and a member of the Board of Negotiations for the Ontario Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs Appeals Tribunal in Guelph.  She followed her father’s footsteps into the life of parliament, serving as an MP for ten years, as well as being appointed as Minister of International Cooperation. It was announced earlier this year that Ontario had appointed seven new Justices of the Peace to the Ontario Court of Justice, effective Feb. 6th – It was a celebration turned bittersweet for one of the names announced, as Justice of the Peace, Susan Whelan would lose her father just two weeks after taking on her new role.  She joins us in studio to elaborate on the man that Canadians ought to know more about…

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Special Guest, An Interview with Former Special Assistant to the Senator, Lou Durnbeck

Though he might refer to himself as a commoner – in Senator Eugene Whelan’s eyes he will always be a dignitary…   Lou Durnbeck arrived in Canada from Europe at just six months of age… grew up in Windsor, Ontario and worked as a plant manager in the dairy industry.  And that’s when the then Minister of Agriculture, Eugene Whelan pulled him on to his team to work as his special assistant in Ottawa.  After working with the Senator he resumed his work in politics working for his daughter, Susan Whelan during her time as an MP and Minister of International Cooperation…. He shares with us his own unique insights into the Senator’s life in politics, as well as his beliefs and ideals.

The Meds (from left to right): Danny Miles, Kyle Drake, Iain McCarvill, Pat McDonald
The Meds (from left to right): Danny Miles, Kyle Drake, Iain McCarvill, Pat McDonald

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The Music of The Meds

First discovered by fellow east coast rocker, and Juno nominee Matt Mays, The Meds are making their way through to being one of Canada’s favourite up and coming bands.  From working in a modest studio to performing gigs across Canada as well as in San Francisco, East Berlin, Shad Bay, and Halifax, The Meds have grown in stride opening for the likes of  Meatloaf, Wintersleep, and Down with Webster…. Band members include vocalist, Kyle Drake, drummer, Danny Miles, guitarist, Pat MacDonald and Iain McCarvill on base. They’ve just released an EP and have their first full album on its way…. During this show we speak with base player, Iain McCarvill in Prince Edward Island. Indie music lovers can look forward to The Meds’ first full length album later this year. Tune in to this week’s show to sample their music and to hear our conversation with band member, Iain McCarvill…


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