Ep. 19 Don Ross & Brooke Miller – Plus – Andrew Cole Talks About An Anti-Bullying Project – Think I’m a Joke?

Ep. 19 Don Ross & Brooke Miller
Don Ross & Brooke Miller performing live in Windsor, Ontario

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A Conversation with Don Ross & Brooke Miller

An exciting performance is on its way to our home town – as well as to a few other towns over the next few weeks… And in celebration of this tour stop, on this week’s show we’ll be speaking with an amazing Canadian guitarist, Don Ross, along with the talented Canadian Singer/Songwriter – (and guitarist as well), Brooke Miller. A brief bio of each is below – first, as promised, here are their upcoming tour dates:

Jan 18, 2013 – The Aeolian – London, ON

Jan 19, 2013 – Place Concord – Windsor, ON

Jan 25, 2013 – West End Cultural Centre – Winnipeg, MB

Jan 27, 2013 – Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre – Ottawa, ON

Don Ross

Don was born in Montreal and began playing publicly (and for money) at the age of just 15. Fortunately he looked old enough to drink by then and was able to play at some of the downtown pubs that featured live acoustic music – exciting times for a person in his youth.  Early on he discovered the music of legendary Canadian singer/guitarist Bruce Cockburn and was amazed that such an insightful lyricist could also be a tremendous guitarist. This discovery inspired Don to write his first strong instrumental tunes for solo guitar around this time.

He went on to study composition at York University in Toronto and in 1988, he won the U.S. National Fingerstyle Guitar Competition.  Don has played with orchestras, and has had several records to date, recently signing with Candyrat Records in 2005.

Don has toured regularly since 1989, across Canada, the USA, a dozen European countries, Japan, Taiwan, China, Australia, Russia and India. He has played with symphony orchestras in Canada and Germany, and collaborated live and on recording with Andy McKee, Canadian singer/guitarist Brooke Miller, & Toronto bassist Jordan O’Connor. He also composes scores for television, radio and film, and does production and recording engineering for a variety of other musicians. In addition to acoustic guitar, Don also plays electric guitar, slide dobro and lapsteel guitar, voice, piano, keyboards, bass guitar and drums.  Click here to learn more about the music of Don Ross.

Brooke Miller

Now also in Montreal, Brooke Miller originally hails from Prince Edward Island from a small community where she grew up surrounded by the arts.  Brooke started as lead guitarist and vocalist in a loud punk band at the age of 12 – and hasn’t stopped since.  She’s a fan of the music of Bruce Cockburn, Rickie Lee Jones, the Police, and Joni Mitchel – traces of their influence are evident in Brookes hybrid sound.  Brooke recently released her fifth album for the German audiophile label Stockfisch Records. Entitled Familiar, the album is a collection of acoustic ballads, and it recently received a nomination for the Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik (the “German Record Critics’ Award”), the German equivalent to Canada’s Polaris Prize.

Brooke’s tunes have been heard in recent feature films (The Year of Getting to Know Us, starring Sharon Stone, Lucy Liu and Jimmy Fallon), and on hit television shows (The L Word and Women’s Murder Club). In 2007, she won the Ontario Council of Folk FestivalsColleen Peterson Songwriting Award.

Miller’s new business relationships with Dacapo Publishing & DEP/Universal, both based in her new hometown of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, will help bring her to a truly international audience.  Click here to learn more about the music of Brooke Miller.

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A New Kind of “We Are the World” Effect – Andrew Cole Talks about his Anti-Bullying Project – “Think I’m a Joke?”

Andrew Cole
Andrew Cole

So – if you were to work on a project meant to combat bullying, what would it be? How would you get involved? Perhaps as a mentor, speaker, a big brother or big sister – how about as a singer/songwriter?

On this week’s show we sit down with singer/songwriter Andrew Cole to talk about a project he’s been working on over the last couple of years toward the eradication of bullying – using what he knows how to work with best – his music. But this time he’s bringing a lot of others along with him on the ride. The song ( ☀ perhaps better termed as a project) is called You Think I’m a Joke, and is expected to be nearing completion in the near future.

Born in Toronto, raised in Liverpool, and now living in L.A., Andrew has combined his Canadian heritage and Brit rock roots to what I consider the making of a solid future superstar – but one with a conscience. He’s worked with the likes of Kathleen Edwards, Tom Cochrane – and this latest project will include many more we’re still to hear of – like Julian Lennon, Meatloaf, Slash, etc…

Listen in to our conversation about half way into the show and hear how you can get behind his work.  Click here to learn more about the music of Andrew Cole.


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