Ep. 15 Talking with Serena Ryder, plus ReThinking Your Day Job with Doreen Rainey

Ep. 15, The Nancy Duffy Show, Ep. 15 Talking with Serena Ryder, re her new album, Harmony

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Serena Ryder Releases her Latest Album – And she tells us all about it!

Serena Ryder’s last album, “is it o.k?” was released around this time in 2008.  Fast forward four years – fans won’t be disappointed with her new album, “Harmony” which came out earlier this week.

Serena RyderKnown for her powerful vocal range, Ryder comes from the small town of Millbrook, Ontario and has toured Canada and the U.S many times including Lollapalooza, South by Southwest and Denver’s Mile High Music Festival – and has stretched her musical pursuits as far as Australia and Europe. She’s earned a Canadian GOLD record, was crowned New Artist of the Year at the 2008 Juno Awards – and we think she’s just getting started!!!

Listen in as we speak with Serena about the making of her new album and her ever-growing work as an artist!

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Time to Think Differently About Your Day Job – An Interview with Doreen Rainey of the Get Radical Conference

Doreen RaineyRadical Success Coach
Doreen RaineyRadical Success Coach

For those of you toying with the idea of entrepreneurship – and you’re pushing that regular 9 to 5 that you just hate – or your alternating work from midnights to afternoons and up early again to make those lunches to send with your kids for school… or maybe you’re that twenty-something just starting out – it’s time to think differently about your day job! And I have just the person to help you do it – Doreen Rainey joins us to teach us how to get radical and make a change! She’s the founder of the Get Radical Women’s Conference – where this year’s guests will include Jillian Michaels, Giuliana Rancic, Lisa Nichols, Famoosh Torabi, Angela Jia Kim and Judy Smith…

It’s life, music talk, all grown up – It’s the Nancy Duffy Show – on InRetro Radio.

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