Show No. 14: The Music of Christa Couture, The Satire of Stephen Colbert on the Rectum of Canada – Plus The Controversy of Fracking

Christa Couture, Stephen Colbert and the Rectum of Canada and the Controversy of Fracking

Show Summary

This week is a show of variety. First, hot off the national tour trail, we explore the music of Canadian singer/songwriter Christa Couture…

Plus Comedian Stephen Colbert and the CBC have managed to help put Windsor, Ontario on the map as the rectum of Canada… Say what??? You so have to hear my point of view on this…

And later – this week’s big news was that the United States was projected to be the world’s top oil producer by 2020 well on its way to becoming self-sustaining when it comes to energy.  But this doesn’t happen without consequences – considering this projection is dependent on the continued practice of hydraulic fracturing – otherwise known as “fracking.”  What does this energy independence mean for the future of American foreign policy and – What does this mean for Canada? Let’s talk about it!

It’s life, music, talk, all grown up – happening right now – on The Nancy Duffy Show!

Topic Breakdown and Segment Times

Interview with Christa Couture 

 icon-headphones Time: 00:01:18 into the show

Canadian singer/songwriter, Christa Couture joins us this week from Vancouver, British Columbia – just two weeks after her Canadian tour came to an end. She’s exhausted, but not too tired to share stories from the road as well as snippets from her recently released album The Living Record.  Christa’s sophomore album, The Wedding Singer and the Undertaker, was a top 10 favourite on CBC Radio 3 – and she’s headed in that same direction with the release of The Living Record – her 3rd full-length album.  Christa was also the winner of Best Folk Acoustic Album at the 2008 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards.

Steven Colbert – On Gauging The Pulse or The Rectum of Canada

 icon-headphones Time: 00:18:31 into the show
Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert

So we’re a show talking about both the United States and Canada – and the comparisons between them….  And I Love my comedians – Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are among my favourites…

And if you think about it – what better way to sell books than to have some sort of controversy that the media picks up on – right – so we’re talking about Stephen Colbert’s new book – America Again: Re-becoming The Greatness We Never Weren’t

Colleague and friend, Houida Kassem joins in on the conversation later in the show. Tune in to hear our commentary on whether or not we agree with the lovely Stephen Colbert.

Energy, The Controversy of Fracking & What It’s Coming Down to…

 icon-headphones Time: 00:27:57 into the show

This past Monday, a World Energy Outlook announcement was made by the International Energy Agency stating that the United States would become self-sufficient in terms of energy by around 2020.   And a great deal of the credit would go to Fracking on this…

Fracking has in part helped unlock large deposits of oil supplies from shale rock formations – but it’s not without controversy. Hear the ins and outs of what fracking is all about. Will it save us or destroy us in the end?


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