Ep. 13 Flying Under Water with Eva Tihanyi and John Porter – Plus, Testing Canadian Patriotism the Day after U.S. Elections

Ep. 13, The Nancy Duffy Show, Flying Under Water with Eva Tihanyi and John Porter

Show Notes:

It has been such an electric week – by late Tuesday night, the United States officially chose their new leader. Wow! What a crazy night – it was! And it’s made us think of a few things… like patriotism. How does Canadian patriotism differ from our American counterparts… Tune in during a somewhat comical exchange between writer, Erin Drushel and later Harmony Peach.

And later in the show, we talk to two Canadian authors about a new book, Flying Under Water – a compilation of selected poetry by Eva Tihanyi.

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From a Canadian in the U.S. the Day After Americans Vote. A talk with Erin MacLean. 

Erin MacLean
Erin MacLean

So – my American friends – did you get out and vote – did you get the results you wanted? All I can say is wow what a crazy night – depending on what network you were watching it appeared one side was winning and then the other – until it got toward the end where Barack Obama pulled away and took the title as the ___ President of the United States

Speaking of the Election, if you’ve been on our website before, chances are you seen some of the work by one of our writers, Erin MacLean (Drushel). Erin and I worked together years ago, for a Canadian Member of Parliament as well as the Minister for International Cooperation at the time, Susan Whelan. So I knew Erin had moved to the United States – and asked her to write for me sharing the Canadian perspective but from American soil…

And at about 1:30 in the morning – just after they called the winner of the US election, Erin sent me her blog post – Tune in as we talk about a wild and crazy night!

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A Reaction to Flea Bites? What???
Testing Our Patriotism: A Soul Searching Trip to India with Harmony Peach

Harmony Peach
Harmony Peach

Last year in Great Britain, a study found that people who are religious are more likely to be patriotic than those who self-define as atheists or non-believers…

So what is true here in Canada, in the United States? We heard what InRetro Contributor, Erin Drushel had to say on the matter – a Canadian now living in America– but I wanted to bring another good friend of mine on to talk about what it means to be Canadian… and how sometimes, we come to appreciate what we have…

Harmony Peach joins me to compare stories from abroad – as we discuss what it means to be patriotic in Canada.

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Eva Tihanyi, Poet, Author -Flying Under Water
Eva Tihanyi, Poet, Author -Flying Under Water

Flying Under Water – A book discussion with Author, Eva Tihanyi and InRetro Contributor, John Porter 

My next guests are two very special people I’ve come to know over the years Eva Tihanyi and John Porter – and I’ve discovered they have a lot in common. They’re both well-accomplished writers – each with great passion…

They were both immigrants to Canada, bringing with them their talents – Eva from Budapest, Hungary – and John from Belfast in the north of Ireland. And somehow, years ago both ended up crossing paths with myself and InRetro Magazine – Eva first as a literary editor (of whom I approached), who then introduced me to John who then became a contributing writer –

Tune in as we discuss the book Flying Under Water, Eva Tihanyi’s latest work consisting of a compilation of her poetry, both past, and present.


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