Ep. 12 Girl Talk with Houida Kassem – Plus, Battle of the Covers

Nancy Duffy with Houida Kassem, Houida and Friends

Show Notes

Yes – the name of our show has changed! What was the InRetro Radio Show is now simply the Nancy Duffy show – which is hosted on InRetro Radio among other places. There will be some changes to the show – but really it is still just me so we’re just going to have fun with it!

Houida Kassem joins me live in-studio this week to talk about her new show, “Houida and Friends” (and of course, some of you know by now that I am one of those friends). We’ll talk about how we met, as well as about the things we have and don’t have in common – and what you can expect on the show in the future.

And you’re not going to want to miss this week’s music segment – we’re going to share some cover comparisons. It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of over-production, some like it, some don’t – I’m going to have a fun demonstration of what I’m talking about – through the use of a new cover song I came across that I think is fabulous.

It’s life, music talk, all grown up – It’s the Nancy Duffy Show – on InRetro Radio

Time: 00:00:20 into the show

Conversation with Houida Kassem

Houida Kassem
Houida Kassem

Arranged marriages; what real love is and good old-fashioned girl talk! Tune in as long-time friend and TV Host, Houida Kassem and I discuss friendships, relationships – as well as the launch of her new TV Show, Houida and Friends.

Houida is known best for her work as the host of “A-Channel Morning” – a show that achieved number one ratings for the region of South Western Ontario. She went on to start Today’s Windsor, was the midday radio show host on Country 95.9 and has most recently launched Houida and Friends on TVCogeco.

Time: 00:27:30 into the show

Battle of the Covers

Join me as we compare cover songs being done in a not-so-pop-culture way. Join me to help compare styles, rhythm and then you decide what works for you!

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