Show No. 11: Just How Assertive Are You? Take the Quiz! Plus – Discussions from ‘Getting Stuck on Vinyl’, to ‘Binders of Women’.

Quiz: How Assertive Are You, Plus, Binders of Women


What’s the new attraction to old Vinyl? – Record Store Owner, Chris Jameson shares his fascination with vinyl and talks about how people are falling in love with the way they play music all over again…Time:

00:13:58 into the show

Those Funny Presidential Debates!Some comic relief and debate commentary with Donna Penge

This past Tuesday, of course, was the 2nd of 3 presidential debates – and we’ve got your questions in on what you would have asked the candidates – we’ll have some talk about that… how close were you to what was actually asked? And was Bill O’Reilly right about predicting that this past debate would have little influence over the minds of the voters…

Big Bird is currently thumbing through Binders of Women while the #debate plays in the background..

Plus! Take the Quiz: How Assertive Are You?

Given that it’s the season of debate – and with the premise that citizens should become stronger and more diligent with the asking of questions (should a town hall debate happy in your neighborhood), I thought it would be fun to take a Quiz from Health Magazine on Assertiveness… Remember, there are no wrong answers – just silly ones :/

It’s life, music talk, all grown up – let’s go to the show!

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