Show No. 10: Condescended – Are We Being Talked Down To? Plus, The Art of Debate…



During this week’s show we cover the following topics:

Do some people within the influential realm, believe the public to be less than intelligent? Are there too many people manipulating the facts – and because people know this, is this why they’re turned off in matters like voting, and politics? Are people being talked down to?  I have some great clips I want to share with you this week – and then you tell me? –

Also I want to find a way of getting the public interested again – in things like voting, politics and what’s going on in the news around them. So many people have told me they don’t listen to or watch the news. I’ll share a page from one of my past influences about this… in hopes you’ll help spread the word…

And later – We want to debate you! Yes, you, the listener – and I don’t care if you’re Canadian or American! Nor do I care about your political affiliation… Shortly, my American friends, you will choose your president… and Canadians – you’ll be doing the same before long.  This debate is about the art of debate itself – how debate is swaying popular opinion and how the process might be affecting that outcome.

I’m going to make you think twice about the norm…

It’s life, music talk, all grown up – so let’s talk about it!

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