Ep. 09 Singer/Songwriter, Deanna Cartea Joins us Live! – Plus, the Sweet Home-Grown Music of Windsor

Ep 09. The Nancy Duffy Show. Deanna Cartea and James Westfall, Kevin Blondin

Show Notes

This week Kevin Blondin (aka James Westfall) from ChurcHouse Community Network joins me on the show as we highlight some of the music being made in the hometown of Windsor, Ontario – as well as highlighting some of the music coming to the hometown of InRetro. Plus later in the show, we speak live with Canadian singer/songwriter, Deanna Cartea from B.C. who will be performing out in our neck of the woods through the ChurcHouse group.

It’s Life music talk – all grown up… Let’s go to the show!

Time: 00:01:20 into the show

Local Musician Spotlight

Kevin Blondin / AKA James Westfall
Kevin Blondin / AKA James Westfall

Tune in to hear some of the music being made locally right here in Windsor, Ontario. This week, special guest James Westfall and I will be discussing and playing the music of The Unquiet Dead, The Locusts Have No King; Paul Farah… and the music man behind the music, Lee Wallace

Time: 00:00:20 into the show

The Music of Deanna Cartea

Canadian Singer/Songwriter, Deanna Cartea
Canadian Singer/Songwriter, Deanna Cartea

Moving from the local scene back to the west coast and back again! Deanna Cartea joins us from the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia – to talk about her upcoming trip to Windsor. Originally from Regina Saskatchewan, Deanna has just released her album, Open Road, of which the single, Open Road, won an independent music award in the alternative country category – and also made it up to the #2 spot of the Roots Rock Charts this past July. Tune in to hear her story – and learn why you need to come out and see her perform in person.

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