Show No. 08: Artist, Billy Manzik -plus, Changing our Destiny by Minding our Thoughts with Bobby Bansel

Billy Manzik


Join us in conversation with Canadian singer/songwriter, Billy Manzik – who just finished up a tour in Canada and should now be back in his new home of California; we’ll talk about this road trip and what’s changed and what’s stayed the same. And then,

Changing our Destiny by Minding our Thoughts

Later in the show, tune in as we explore the idea of changing our ideas – of changing our destiny by changing the way we think.  We’ll begin this exploration with special guest, Bobby Bansal, an aspiring Canadian poet from India who’s made it his work to teach others through words and rhyme – how to overcome anger, disappointment and how to move forward after a crisis –

It’s Life music talk – all grown up… And it’s a good time to tune in!

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