Playing for Change – Deserving of your vote

Playing for Change

Playing for change is looking to raise enough votes for its foundation to further its cause of uniting people through music – and we would like to enlist your help on their behalf.

We believe in everything this group is doing and urge our readers and listeners to place their votes to help the Playing For Change Foundation win a $50,000 grant from Cultivate Wines by voting for them daily between now and March 31st!  The rewards of winning are great.  These funds will help “provide micro-credit loans for villagers in Mali to receive training and materials to build musical instruments and earn vital income; drumming instruction and teaching opportunities to former street children in Rwanda; music and dance classes to a group of orphaned girls who have been rescued from or at risk of sex trafficking in Thailand; and music workshops to children in under-served communities in Los Angeles.”

Music as a Form of Global Outreach

What we love about Playing for Change (and it truly has become more of a global initiative as opposed to ‘a single band’), is their use of technology, music and people to connect us like never before.  On InRetro Radio, we tell people that we have a magazine as well as a radio station because, “Music is Universal and Words Still Matter.”  Lyrics and melody have a way of telling stories that don’t stop at a country’s point of entry.  This project exists today because enough people believe that “music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people.”  This belief is no more apparent than shown in the video below, Stand by Me – a production credited for transforming Playing For Change from a small band to “a movement of love and peace through music.”

Place your votes everyone – and support this initiative as much as you can!


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