Show No. 06: A Tribute to Etta James – Plus… Republican Leadership Race Bloopers! Fodder for Comedians…

Etta James

Show Notes


Time: 00:00:12 into the show

This Week In Retrospect

Just like Starting Over… Tune in as we discuss old hits and what happened during this time in the past. That means discussing everything from the arrest of James Brown to a time when Canadians were nothing more than British Subjects living in Canada.

Time: 00:09:30 into the show

A Tribute to the Life and Music of Etta James

Time: 00:30:14 into the show

Are You Not Entertained? Republican Leadership Race Bloopers! Fodder for Comedians…

Rick Perry
Rick Perry

And later in the show – Ever been tongue-tied? What are those three agencies of government again? Just in time for the Republican Leadership race – we talk about political bloopers.

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