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On May 2nd, Canadians will once again be heading to the polls.  One would think we should be getting pretty good at this by now.  But the truth is, outside those working in it, politics just isn’t discussed among Canadians all that much – unless a particular issue strikes a chord.  Most voters assume that their political beliefs are either to the right, left or middle – that is, Conservative, NDP or Liberal, while others vote according to which leader they identify with most, or who they would want representing them in their own riding. Clearly there are many variables to consider.

It’s early in this national campaign and yet we already find ourselves in the midst of negative ads, and rhetoric.  So how do you stay on issue during this election to ensure that your vote will most closely represent you and what you believe in?  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Research what each party platform is all about – what is each party planning to do should they be elected to form the next Government of Canada?  Here are links to the main party sites:
  2. Pay attention to each leader as they speak at various events and debates – and watch closely how they answer the questions being posed to them.  Did they answer the question, or deflect it?  Did their answer resonate with you?
  3. If an issue was brought up that you didn’t understand, did they explain the issue and their solution in a way that made sense?
  4. Is more time being spent on disparaging what “the other party” is planning – or is time being spent describing to you, in detail, how they will make this a better Canada?

Need more help?  Try the Vote Compass.

And if you’re still not sure where you stand, there’s something new you can use this time around.  The Vote Compass has become a rather popular online tool as of late, where voters answer 30 short multiple choice questions about everything from national security to whether or not Canada should be seeking closer economic relations with the United States.  According to the Vote Compass site, it is meant to “advance electoral literacy and enhance democracy…” The CBC has challenged the party leaders to go on camera and take the Vote Compass test… They are waiting for a response.

Once you’ve done your homework, it would be real Canadian of you to make sure you vote on May 2nd.



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