The Blue Stones Break into the Music Scene on the Wings of Talent, Technology and Twitter Talk

Windsor, Ontario – An unsigned musical duo may just find themselves signed before too long, thanks to a video and viral publicity campaign built around new iPhone technology… and their talent of course. The Blue Stones had just released their new self-titled album around the same time that a local filmmaker had visions of creating a music video in a very different way. And within a week, this creative collaboration between the musical rock duo and filmmaker, Gavin Michael Booth, had a new music video well on the road to becoming viral.

The Blue Stones, made up of guitarist/vocalist Tarek Jafar, and drummer/backup vocalist, Justin Tessier, shot the “I’m a Stereo” music video with filmmaker/director, Booth at the helm, within 24-hour hours – incorporating iPhone 4’s FaceTime feature, as part of the video’s primary creative concept.

Less than 48 hours into the video’s launch, the rock duo has landed more than 2,600 YouTube views, sparking conversations throughout the blogosphere.

It started with local supporters and their twitter accounts, whose tweets then caught the interest of tech industry bloggers, such as, and  And tech bloggers like nothing more than hearing of new ways of using modern technology.

“…using FaceTime so prominently in their video is a smart move, as it certainly will attract some attention for them from Apple fans.”
– Maura
iPhone 4 News Team

“It’s a pretty catchy song and video, and it shows once again just how embedded Apple technology is in our popular culture.”
– Steven Sande
TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Will this change how musicians – or anyone vying for the attention of the public, incorporate technology within their work in the future?  Only time will tell.  But for now, The Blue Stones and filmmaker, Gavin Michael Booth, have stumbled upon something that is sure to help propel both their careers to the next level.


The Blue Stones’ new self titled EP album can be sampled here – and you can catch them performing live this Saturday, April 2nd at Phog Lounge.


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