On the Eve of Finding Juno

Canadian Singer/Songwriter, Lara Fabian

The Canadian’s version of the Music Awards – the Junos, have always inspired me in the past – when I actually had time to catch it on TV.  But it was never a ‘must have’ on my list of things to do until I watched Lara Fabian perform Love by Grace in 2001 (yikes – an entire decade ago!).  I had never heard her name before.  Had never heard her music.  But I immediately knew that the next day I would go out and buy her CD (yes, back then at least for me, it was unheard of to simply by music by the mp3).  From that point on – I revered the JUNOS as truly being not only a celebration of – but a discovery of great Canadian singers and songwriters.

So here I am. Ten years later. A bit nervous before leaving to cover the Juno Awards in person… I haven’t even packed yet… I still have to charge all of the batteries on my recording equipment… double check my list of things to bring. And hope my GPS gets me to where I need to be on time (I’ve been known to get lost in China Town over and over again in the past).  But really – this sort of thing should almost be old hat for me by now.

So tomorrow’s events (Saturday the 26th) look something like this:

  • Fan Fare (1:00 – 4:00 PM) at MuchMusic, 299 Queen St. W., Toronto of course
  • Then the Juno Gala Dinner & Awards from 6 – 9 PM – and then we close with the JunoFest from 9 to… what? 2 in the morning?

I’ll keep you posted as I move along throughout the day.  The Juno Awards – main event – takes place this Sunday at 8 PM.  The stage is being set for an exciting weekend for sure.



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